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Take a step inside the most notorious prison in the world, the infamous Sing Sing, to discover a group of convicted criminals who are doing something to defy the statistics that face them at every turn.


The national rate at which men and women return to prison in the three years following their release hovers around 60%.  That means roughly 3 in 5 of the men or women who leave prison will be back.


ZERO PERCENT is the story of the men of Hudson Link, an organization created by the inmates themselves that provides a full college degree through local universities.  The results are so stunning, they have to be seen to be believed.


As famed author Victor Hugo once said, "He who opens a school door, closes a prison."


Become part of the solution.  A portion of all sales from ZERO PERCENT go to Hudson Link to help them continue to educate more and more men in Sing Sing and beyond.  Right now, Hudson Link is only in 5 out of 54 facilities in the state of New York.


For more information about Hudson Link, visit their website at www.hudsonlink.org.


"I cried tears of joy.  I couldn't sleep after watching it!"

                                                             - Dominic Carter, THE HUFFINGTON POST


"Truly inspirational.  It knocked me on my ass and left me wanting more."

                                                                 - Greg Klymkiw, THE FILM CORNER


"A poignant, affecting film [that] illustrates the power of education."

                                            - Michelle Goodson Garrison, INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY ASSOCIATION


"Astounding... ZERO PERCENT proved to be the best kind of film.  Balanced, heartbreaking, hopeful, and best of all, real."

- Kelly Dearborn, THE SQUAWKER


"ZERO PERCENT provides optimism in the long run not just for a community, but for a society."

- Steve Pulaski, STEVE'S MOVIE BLOG